If your Total Score is Over 50 Points – You may have a serious over-spending problem.

If your Total Score is From 25 to 50 Points – You need to be very careful. You could be headed towards becoming a Shopaholic.

If your total Score is Less Than 25 Points – Relax. You seldom over-spend.


What To Do If You Are A Shopaholic


Everyone overspends once in a while. It’s especially easy to do at Christmas and on vacation. The shopaholic is different. Shopaholics can’t control his or her spending. Spendaholics get a thrill out of each new purchase, and it’s the thrill they go for, not the actual item the purchase represents.

If you suspect you’re a shopaholic, cheer up, there’s help available. Many cities have an organization called “Debtor’s Anonymous.” Debtor’s Anonymous is a fellowship of individuals who want to recover from compulsive overspending.

They follow a Twelve Step Program of Recovery meeting on a regular basis to share support, strength and hope and assist each other in following the Twelve Step Program. Does this program work? If you follow the Twelve Steps to the best of your ability, it can and will work for you. In fact, health professionals dealing with addictions have said that those individuals who have joined a Twelve Step fellowship and work the program have the best chances for long-term recover over all other programs, including expensive recovery centers. Most professional mental health centers for the treatment of various addictions include in their program involvement in the Twelve Step program appropriate for the addiction.

To find a branch of Debtor’s Anonymous near you, look in your phone book under “Debtor’s Anonymous.” Or look up their web site: www.debtorsanonymous.org. If you’re not sure DA is for you, this national website will tell you a lot about the program. In addition to this national website, the DA fellowships of many states and major cities have their own web pages, so it pays to do a web search to see what’s out there.